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Best Pet Products for Everyday Life

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Best Pet Products for Everyday Use

By: Travis McDermott DVM

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I have had the good fortune to have been a small animal veterinarian for the past 15 years.  During that time, I have been in tens of thousands of exam rooms talking with pet owners about their pet and how to best take care of it.  One thing I have found is that there is a common thread to the questions I am asked and a common thread to the answers I provide and products I recommend.  Here is a summary of pet products I recommend (almost daily) for day to day life with pets.




dog treat

For many pet parents, it can be difficult to administer required medication to our four-legged children. Sometimes, we try to hide it in peanut butter or a piece of cheese – but what if we could give it to them with an actual dog treat? How about an all natural dog treat? Greenies Pill Pockets are a veterinarian designed and recommended flavored pet product that you can place the pill inside of and cinch shut for easy dosing. We use these in our own veterinary hospital for those difficult to pill patients.  Gone are the days of hoping your furry loved one actually got the pill instead of just the Peanut Butter.

Features of Greenies Pill Pockets

  • Pill pockets mask taste and smell of medication
  • Multiple flavors
  • Easy to use, pouch-ready
  • Uses natural ingredients
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paw butter

Have you ever looked at your dog’s paws after running around in the backyard or his nose after trying to bury a special treat? His paws and nose can be dry and cracked leaving you feeling worried. PET HEAD Oatmeal Paw Butter comes to the rescue now as a product that can be applied before and after walks or playtime to treat and prevent those weathered paws.  Living in Las Vegas, this is a pet product many of my patients can use.  With ingredients like shea butter, oatmeal, mango and coconut oil, it is soothing and safe for your four-legged children. Also, not to worry, since Oatmeal Paw Butter is manufactured to human standards it will cause no harm if licked or swallowed. 

Features of PET HEAD Oatmeal Paw Butter

  • PH balanced
  • High quality ingredients
  • Relieves dry or cracked paws
  • Formulated and manufactured in USA
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3. BEST HARNESS FOR WALKING BIG DOGS: Pet Safe Gentle Leader Harness

dog harness

Walk time can be incredibly stressful to any pet owner. A stranger, a bird, a feral cat or even the mailman can send our furry friends into a frenzy that results in us tugging back on the leash causing discomfort. Introducing the PetSafe Gentle Leader that prevents choking and gagging by redirecting leash pressure to points on the back of the neck instead of on the underside. This collar is made with padded neoprene and still gives your dog the ability to eat, drink and play. This is the only collar/harness that I would use to walk my two large dogs.  Designed by a vet behaviorist, this is the pet product to safely control unwanted behavior like lunging or jumping. 

Features of PetSafe Gentle Leader

  • Recommended by vets
  • Able to take greater control
  • Reduces choking by placing pressure on the back of the neck
  • Dogs still have full range of motion
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pet harness

If you are looking for a harness for your pet that combines comfort and safety – look no further.  The Voyager Pet Harness is designed with a mesh system that is durable, versatile, and can be used any time of the year.  This pet product also utilizes reflective bands and multiple safety features to provide your pet the ultimate in safety.  Using a harness protects the throat/windpipe in small dogs and can help prevent/alleviate issues that are common in the area.

Feature of the Voyager Pet Harness

  • Provides comfort to your pet and prevents damage to neck
  • Provides safety with reflective bands and mutiple safety features
  • Mesh fabric allows year-round usage
  • Comes in over 25 colors and many sizes.
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5. BEST SLOW FEEDER FOR DOGS: Neater Pet Brand Slow Feeder Bowls

dog bowl

Does your dog go completely crazy at feed time? Does even the slightest mention of food result in your dog chowing down like it’s an eating competition resulting in choking, stomach issues and even vomiting? This Neater Pets Slow Feed Bowl reduces those issues by doing exactly that, slowing down the time it takes your dog to eat. This bowl is Stainless Steel, dishwasher safe and fits into the Neater Feeder deluxe and express. This bowl can also aid in healthy weight management. 

Features of Neater Pets Slow Feed Bowl

  • Holds 4 cups
  • Durable, stainless steel, dishwasher safe
  • Promotes dog health
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cat water fountain

Everyone likes clean, fresh, filtered water to drink. So why would we let our fur babies drink stale, stagnant, unfiltered water? We also want the best for our babes! The Veken Pet Fountain ensures constantly  running water, with a triple filtered system that provides the cleanest water possible for our dogs and cats. This fountain will not take up too much space and holds enough water for your small and medium sized pets. Water flow is fully customizable depending on your pet’s desire. This fountain also comes with a silicone mat to  sit on so no more slippery messes on the floor! The fountain is ultra quiet, long lasting and BPA free. Provide the best for your besties!

Features of Veken Pet Fountain

  • 2.5 liter capacity
  • Three levels of filtration – cotton, carbon and ion. 
  • Silicone Mat to catch spills
  • Various water flow designs
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pet water bottle

Have you ever caught yourself on a walk, hike or even the dog park without a bowl for your furry loved one? Maybe you’re in the car on a trip and don’t have a suitable way for your pet to drink? The Lesotc Pet Water Bottle is the answer to your problems. This dog water bottle with a large capacity is made from food-grade materials and is safe and non-toxic. It doesn’t leak and you don’t waste any water. With a built in water pipe you are able to squeeze water into the makeshift bowl/cap for your pet to lap up. It is easy to use and now there is no worry that your pets won’t have fresh water to drink on the go. 

Features of Lesotc Pet Water Bottle

  • BPA free, free of smells, soft material, made of silicone
  • Holds 18 ounces
  • Uses internal water pipe
  • No need for separate bowl
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8. BEST CAT CONDO/TREE: On2 Pets Cat Tree

Cat Tree

Are you tired of letting your cat out to explorer and then worrying about what may have happened to them? Want to give your cat the mimicked experience of climbing trees without having to let them outside? On2 Pets Cat Tree brings the joy of climbing trees to your household cat. This is an artificial tree that is made from high quality ingredients such as silk leaves, pressed wood and carpet. Your feline friend will feel safe and is great for scratching and jumping. This pet product also brings a feel of the outdoors into your home with its realistic aesthetic. 

Features of On2 Pets Cat Tree

  • 60 inches tall, each ledge adjustable 
  • Non toxic materials – made in the USA
  • 32 lbs Max Weight Capacity
  • Quick assembly
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9. BEST PET HAIR REMOVAL TOOL: Chom Chom Pet Hair Remover

Pet Hair Removal

Let’s face it, we love our pets but hate how much they shed. Their hair is literally on everything and just when you need it most that ubiquitous lint roller is hardly ever useful and peeling off the layers of sticky tape is a nuisance. The Chom Chom Roller removes dog and cat hair with ease and no adhesives are required. You can use it on not only your own clothing but on furniture, carpets, bedding and car upholstery. It also comes with an attached chamber that catches the hair that you can remove at ease. No batteries are necessary either, just use the simple motion of gliding back and forth! No need for those useless sticky rollers ever again!

Features of Chom Chom Roller

  • Reusable and eco-friendly
  • Attached receptacle for easy removal of hair
  • No sticky adhesives
  • Can be used on most surfaces
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10. BEST PET STAIN/ODOR REMOVER: Rocco and Roxie Pet Odor and Stain Remover

pet stain odor remover

Uh-oh, it’s happened again. Someone peed on the carpet and nobody is coming forward to admit they did it. Luckily there is Rocco & Roxie’s Stain & Odor Eliminator. With its bio-enzymatic formula, it targets enzymes of what causes odor inside pet urine and eliminates it and without harsh chemicals – it is pet and human friendly! You can use this on carpet, tiled flooring, wood and laminate or even in the laundry. This eliminator also works on other organic stains not just pet urine. So you can use it all around! 

Features of Rocco & Roxie’s Stain & Odor Eliminator

  • Eliminates not just the odor but also stains
  • Earned approval from Carpet and Rug Institute
  • Non-toxic, color safe.
  • For use on any surface, any time.
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